Support Jane’s Kitchen!

Made in Jane’s Kitchen!

Shoot me an email at if you…

  • have a large kitchen you’d be willing to let me cook in, even if just once or twice a week. I promise to clean up after myself and sanitize everything!
  • would be willing to deliver meals
  • have PPE, excess food, or meal containers you’re willing to donate

Donations are currently suspended

I am not asking for donations at this time, since I have substantial unspent funding and this crisis appears to be slowly winding down. If things continue to look bad as my remaining funds run out, I may reactivate donations. Thank you!

Donate to my GoFundMe or PayPal (2.9% + $0.30 fee)

Donate via Venmo (0 fees, so 100% of donation goes to meals)

See your donation dollars at work- Google Spreadsheet

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