Why should I support Jane’s Kitchen instead of donating to other organizations?


Keto-friendly lamb meatballs with a mint-yogurt sauce and assorted veggies. Made in Jane’s Kitchen!

I promise to use every donated dollar as effectively as possible. Since it’s just me, I have no administrative costs, overhead fees, or salaries to pay. Every dollar donated goes directly to purchasing ingredients and packaging for the meals I’m cooking. Right now, each meal costs under $3.00 in ingredients and supplies.

Since I’m running a one-person operation, I’ll also be able to publish regular accounting reports, where I’ll share how much was donated, exactly how that money was spent, and where the meals were sent. I’ll probably also include details about meals and recipes for anyone who wants to follow along at home.

What you get when you donate to Jane’s Kitchen is accountability and localized impact. Every dollar will be spent here in Columbus, and every meal will be sent to someone in our community who needs it!

Check out my regularly updated funding/expenses/meals spread sheet.


Who’s doing the cooking?


It’s Jane’s Kitchen, so obviously Vinny is doing most of the cooking. Just kidding; he’s only in charge of delivery!

I’ll be cooking each meal for now. What are my credentials? I don’t really have any except I’ve managed to keep myself alive since my mom stopped feeding me on a regular basis. Having worked in the restaurant industry for 6+ years, I also know the basics of running a commercial kitchen.

Also everyone who’s eaten my cooking (and many who’ve only seen it on Instagram) has told me I’m great at it.

I’ve always loved cooking and used to dream of opening a restaurant, but after working in the service industry for several years, I realized that becoming a lawyer was probably going to be easier. Seriously, running a restaurant is hard work that never stops, while the courthouse is closed on weekends!

What safety precautions are you taking while cooking and delivering these meals?

All food is cooked past safe temperatures as recommended by the FDA.

All food is personally prepared by me, with a face mask, gloves, and hair cover to prevent contamination.

For safety, all meals will be marked with reheating instructions, time and date of preparation, and suggested best-by date.

All meals will be packaged and delivered in containers that are sanitized before packing, as well as sanitized externally after packing. And yes, I’ll be delivering meals (in my hybrid vehicle, so small carbon footprint!) while wearing a face mask.

I’m also unemployed and stuck at home social-distancing; what can I do to help?

Do you like cooking? I could use help from people willing to cook (in their own kitchens). We can coordinate to schedule ingredient drop-offs and meal pick-ups, or I can send you addresses for drop-off locations. Let me know!

What plans are you cooking up next?

I’ve got some plans in the works–inexpensively offering meals for sale to parents who don’t have time to worry about cooking (many parents right now are dealing with work AND childcare AND homeschooling!) is one idea.

I’m also planning on posting cooking videos, so everyone can observe my process or even follow along at home and learn some new recipes!


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