About Jane

Bibimbap–made in Jane’s Kitchen!

Hi, I’m Jane! I’m a recent law school grad waiting to find out if I passed the bar exam. In the meantime, I’m using my cooking superpowers for good–by feeding the people working overtime to protect our communities from COVID-19.

I grew up in a home where my amazing mom cooked dinner for a family of 5 almost every night of the week. I first began learning how to cook from her–and to this day, many of my favorite recipes are ones she taught me.

When I moved out to start college, I missed her home-cooked meals SO MUCH! I quickly had to start fending for myself, which was especially difficult because I was broke and unemployed. That’s when I began perfecting my “Broke B*tch Kitchen”–the art of cooking the most delicious meals possible on a shoestring budget. I learned that you can make amazing meals from very basic ingredients, it often just requires way more time and work.

Right now, I have too much free time. So instead of worrying about my bar exam results, I’m going to spend every day cooking for those that don’t have the time for it–namely our frontline workers that are pulling extra shifts, working over time, and putting themselves at risk to protect the rest of us from COVID-19.  Jane’s Kitchen is my way of saying thank you, and giving back to my community in this time of uncertainty and worry.

So join in, follow along, and stay safe!


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