Week 3 wrap-up

This week started a bit rough, but ended nicely! Yesterday I made a meals for 2 teams at LifeLine of Ohio, and today I cooked for a team of residents at OSU Wexner.

WE PASSED 100 MEALS TODAY!!! I had hoped to hit this milestone a bit earlier, but given all the unexpected obstacles, I’m very happy with how we’re doing.

I’m glad I’ve been keeping track of all my ingredients and meals donated in my fancy spreadsheet! I started it for accountability/transparency but it has been super helpful in making sure I use all my ingredients (or trade them with my roommates or my personal food when stuff is nearing the end of its usable life), and for making sure people don’t get sick of eating the same meals.

Today I decided to try a new recipe! And it turned out delicious, but I think proportions were a bit off. I made Chicken Marsala for the first time, and my gosh it turned out almost perfectly. Next time–remember that the “suggested serving size” on pasta boxes is LIES.  Double the pasta. Also double the sauce. More sauce. Marsala sauce is AMAZING, and not terribly difficult! I’m really excited to add this to my repertoire, definitely going to make it again next week.

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