Week 3–mostly bad news

Lots to update about–mostly bad news, unfortunately.

Last week, I spent a lot of time trying to find a commercial kitchen to cook in, since I’ve been wanting to expand. However, I’ve learned that anyone that would be willing to let me cook in their kitchen would be accepting a lot of risk–legal liability and loss of licensing if someone got sick from my cooking. Generally, food given away for free is unregulated and individual donors are covered by a Good Samaritan rule, so I’m fine (legally) as long as I’m not “grossly negligent.” Since I’ve been really careful about making sure food is prepared safely AND about sanitizing to prevent COVID spread, I’m actually not worried about this at all. It just means I’m not going to be able to expand any further than my own kitchen. Over all, not that bad–I prepped over 70 meals last week here without too much trouble!

Ok, so more bad news! My house is dealing with some plumbing issues. Not super surprising, since most of the building is over 100 years old. Tried all day yesterday to diagnose and fix myself, but no luck. Should be resolved soon (we’ll call our landlord and/or a plumber today), but even if it isn’t, I can still cook. It’ll just take longer to clean up after each meal-prep session.

Hopefully you didn’t think that was it, because…more bad news! I went camping over the weekend to relax a bit. Got a strange bug bite that has swollen, reddened, and become very very painful over the past few days. It’s in an awkward spot on my chest where it hurts when I stand, stretch, raise my arms…it sucks and has been slowing me down a lot. But was able to talk to a doctor today fewer than 20 minutes after calling to set up an appointment–telehealth is pretty cool! She was chilling in her living room “office” with her cat that occasionally popped into the video. Now I’m on a course of antibiotics, so that should be clearing up soon.

This week, I’ve only got requests for 11 meals (so far) and those aren’t until the weekend. So I should be ok for those! Hopefully everything will be a bit more normal (as far as my house and body go) by next week and I can get back up to 70 meals next week.

Another bit of a update–I still have about $400 of unspent funding. I’m still accepting monetary donations for now, but may suspend those in the near future. It’s starting to look like this crisis may begin winding down soon. I plan to spend all the funding that remains to continue sending meals to frontline workers, but if the organizations I’ve been feeding stop accepting donated meals when this crisis passes, my plan’s to donate any leftover funds to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank so they can use them to feed those who need it most.

Hope everyone is staying safe and having a better week than I am!

Love, Jane

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