Week 2, update 1 (Tuesday 4/14)

Hi all- hope everyone had a lovely Easter dinner!


OSU Wexner Medical Center enjoying some teriyaki chicken, green beans, and veggie fried rice


Yesterday I cooked a total of 26 meals–lunch for a police department AND dinner for some residents at OSU Wexner. Amazingly, my average cost/meal is even lower than last week. I also gave up on the idea of getting my plastic containers back. Probably safer and more convenient to just use them as single-use. No worries–I’ve been adding those into my costs as single-use, since I haven’t reused any yet, and average cost/meal is still way lower than I’d originally anticipated. Time to make bigger portions, I guess!

I took a look at a commercial cooking space that might be available for me to use, and I got a call from a local church that has a large-capacity kitchen. Upgrade is imminent!

Got a few calls from some folks over at Mid-Ohio Food Bank yesterday–not sure about how they found out about my cooking, but they offered ingredient donations to use. For now though, I plan on using funds y’all have donated, since they have lots of mouths to feed. They also said they have a pretty large and consistent need for cooked meals, but can only accept cooked meals that are prepared in a licensed kitchen. Trying to find more info about that, and seeing if either of the kitchens that’s been offered to me would meet their requirements.

Tomorrow’s a busy one–sending 30 meals over to OSU Wexner! It’ll be my biggest delivery to date, and probably one that will repeat weekly. Not sure what I’m cooking yet but they have a handful of vegetarians and a few gluten-free, so…potatoes will be involved.


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