Day 2- Friday April 10

Hi all! No deliveries today, I’ve been working on strategy and outreach to prepare for next week.

Yesterday was pretty successful and I am thrilled with how everything turned out–Chief Ware from Worthington PD even gave me a call today to say thanks, which was so nice of him!

I’m not going to lie–I started this campaign with the primary goal of productively alleviating my boredom. But literally every single time I log in to social media, email, or pick up my phone, I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Working on Jane’s Kitchen has made me the happiest I’ve felt in years. Everything is going really well–in fact, honestly better than I could have imagined. Not only have I been pleasantly surprised at the generosity of my community, but also at my own cooking abilities! Based on how yesterday’s meals went, each meal costs under $3.00 which means I currently have enough funding for 170+ more meals! And I’ve already got some commitments for future donations, including some generous individuals who have pledged recurring donations.

Anyway…progress report!

Today I reached out to a personal friend whom I remembered has worked on charity initiatives with local fire departments. He agreed to contact a few stations and vouch for me (and my cooking!), so next week I should be able to add some fire stations to the delivery list!

I also asked my dad, who works (from home right now) for Grant Medical Center to see if he can put me in touch with whoever’s in charge of hungry people there.

One of my friends from college who works at OSU Wexner Medical Center asked if I could bring some meals for her team, so I’ve got some dinners to make for them on Monday. I also scheduled with Worthington PD to bring them some lunches on Monday.

I learned yesterday that my kitchen is just a tad too small to conveniently prep dozens of meals at a time, so I contacted some local churches to see if any of them have large kitchens I might be able to use. Had to leave messages/email, so probably won’t hear back until next week. I’d like to be able to move 30 meals a day, but yesterday I was only able to hit half of that due to limited stove/oven/counter space.

More lessons/ideas/thoughts from yesterday: getting Steramine tablets from Wasserstrom for easy sanitizing of containers and utensils; using washi tape to seal and label meals with info for dietary needs, date/time of prep, and spice level; and cooking smaller batches of different things instead of huge batches of the same thing so each delivery can have some mix-and-matched variety in terms of mains and sides.

I’m also working on updating and improving my site, since so many are spreading the word. Also revamped and updated the spreadsheet- donation dollars at work!

Anyway, that’s all for today. To be honest, yesterday kind of kicked my butt! I’m still exhausted from running around, getting supplies, cooking, and delivering. It was definitely the most work I’ve done in a single day in a while–and Monday is slated to be double that! Which is so exciting I can hardly sit still.


Much love to you all, and thank you for the continued support and kind words!


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