Day 1- Thursday April 9

Image may contain: food

Meals delivered to Worthington PD!

First day update! So I launched my GoFundMe and other fundraising yesterday, and so far have received almost $600 in donations! THANK YOU! I am overflowing with gratitude to amazing friends and family (and one stranger, so thank you whoever shared!), and am thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement.

So today I went to Wasserstrom Restaurant Supplies and picked up 150 reusable takeout containers for $54.28 after tax. I spent 45 minutes writing on them in Sharpie some variation of “Please rinse and return to be sanitized and reused,” so hopefully I won’t have to buy food containers too often. I’m hoping each one can be reused a few times before getting worn out, broken, lost, or accidentally discarded.

I also went to Aldi and spent $40.72 on 4lbs of green beans, 7lbs of pork baby back ribs, 10 lbs of potatoes, and 8 lbs of chicken thighs.

I delivered 15 meals (lemony garlic green beans with either roasted rosemary potatoes or creamy mashed potatoes and either 6-hr slow-roasted bbq ribs or slow-cooked spicy soy sauce chicken) to the Worthington Police Department because people are SURPRISINGLY SUSPICIOUS of free food but I’d worked with the police chief there in the past and hoped he’d remember and trust me enough to accept my cooking.

Check out my running spreadsheet here (accountants and/or spreadsheet pros, feel free to send suggestions for optimization):

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